Modular PLC CPU & IO Modules
PROLOGIC is an innovative modular PLC system which provides a
simple low cost solution for distributed I/O requirements where
control is required.

The PROLOGIC system consists of Digital and Analog Input and
Output modules which are plugged together on a DIN rail.
The first module is the CPU or interface module. This module
connects the Ethernet network to the internal bus which
communicates with the I/O modules. This module also provides
power to the I/O modules.

The modules communicate using the high speed built in
communications bus. A 32bit ARM CPU is used in the modules to
provide high speed data processing and fast communication turn
around times.

All PROLOGIC modules plug directly onto an industry standard DIN
rail. All modules have a minimum isolation of 1000VAC rms between
the field and logic.

The modules have been equipped with status led’s which are used to
indicate the status of the Inputs or outputs. This visual indication
assists with fault finding and diagnostics.
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