Radio-Linked Temperature Data Logging System
The system consists of a highly dependable Master Controller
and temperature sensor stations linked with radio units. It’s
simple to install and set up, and the cost effective radio
communication provides wireless links between the Master
Controller, the temperature slave stations, and a PC. The
system can be configured to suit your needs -
please contact
us for a comprehensive quote, tailor made for your unique

  • Each temperature station monitors both ambient and probe temperatures, to an accuracy of 0.5°C and 0.2°C respectively.

  • Upper and lower limit warning temperatures can be set.

  • The required number of antennas (areas) can be set.

  • The required number of temperature stations per antenna (area) can be set.

  • The amount of system Master Controllers can be selected to form a complete network of systems reporting to one PC.

  • Back-up on the Master Controller can be achieved by installing a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to the Mater Controller, ensuring that no
    data is lost during a power failure.

  • The Master controller and the PC provide a continuous display of current temperatures.

  • · All units (excluding batteries) are covered by a 12-month guarantee for parts with full technical backup service.

  • · Easy to operate software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, is user friendly enabling the user to monitor temperatures continuously, display
    graphs and print the data. The accumulated data can be erased or archived (recommended) after a couple of weeks, months or years in
    order to maximise hard disk space on the PC.