isolated from the logic. The RTD resistance is read by the module
linearised and converted to degrees Centigrade.
No ranging is required as the module covers the full range of the
as indicated in the RTD table. The value that is read from the
Modbus register is the actual temperature in degrees centigrade to
0.1°C resolution.
ie: a value of 3451 corresponds to a temperature of 345.1°C.

The RTD type is setup by writing a value to the RTD Type register.
The value is obtained from the table below. For example to select a
PT100 RTD, the value "1" must be written to the RTD Type register.
All 6 RTD inputs adopt the same RTD type.

The DIP switch 9 is used to select upscale or downscale burnout for
break detection. A value of 32768 is used to indicate upscale
burnout and a value of -32767 is used to indicate downscale

Note: As there is no inter-channel isolation, isolated RTD's must be
used in order to prevent ground loops and reading errors.
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