This module has 16 open collector (NPN) digital outputs. The outputs may
The outputs are isolated from the logic and they share a common negative

The module may be used as either a slave or master on the Modbus

When used with a PC or PLC the module will be configured as a slave.
When used with a PM16DI module in a point-to-point configuration, the
DIP switch 9 must be turned on to set the module up as a master. In this
mode the PM16DO module will automatically read the information from
the PM16DI module and write the input status to the outputs.

When used as a slave module, the outputs are written to by the Modbus
master device such as a PC or PLC. Each output can be individually
switched on or off, or all outputs can be set up at the same time by writing
a single number to the output register which represents the status of all

An output watchdog timer can be configured to switch off all the outputs if
there has been no communications with the module for up to 255
seconds. A value of 0 seconds will disable this timer and the outputs will
remain in the last programmed state.
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