The PL6DI module is a 16 channel digital input module. The inputs are
isolated from the logic by bidirectional opto-couplers. The inputs are
divided into 2
isolated groups of 8 inputs each. This allows for many configurations
in which
the input module may be used. One such configuration could be where
one group is connected as common positive and the second group
connected as common negative.

The counters operate in three modes.

In mode 0: All the counters are disabled.

In mode 1:
The counters are 32 bit counters allowing a count value from
0 to 4294967295. The count value can be cleared by writing a zero to
the associated registers or preset to any other value using the same

In mode 2:
The inputs are connected as up/down counters. Input 1 will increment
counter 1 whilst input 2 decrements counter 1.
In the same way, inputs 3&4 operate counter 2, inputs 5&6 operate
counter 3 and inputs 7&8 operate counter 4,etc.

Note: The count values are not battery backed-up and will be lost if
power is turned off. The format of the registers allows the status of the
inputs to be read as either single bits or all at once as a single register
on the Modbus network.
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