the PROLOGIC modules to a 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet
The PL100 includes a web server which enables access to
internal parameters for configuration. This allows
configuration of IP address, default gateway IP address and
subnet mask. The web server can be accessed by most
web browsers.
The PL100 is factory programmed with a default IP address
of This address must be changed before
the converter is added to an existing network.
The web page address for viewing the setup parameters is The web page address for
configuring the converter is

The master device which is polling the modules must be
configured with the IP address of the PL100 and with the
modbus ID of the PROLOGIC modules. As each
PROLOGIC communications bus is separate, it is possible to have
repeated Modbus ID's on the PROLOGIC modules provided they are
attached to a different PL100. The IP address differentiates between the
different PROLOGIC systems. Consequently, many hundreds of
PROLOGIC modules may be added to a Ethernet network.

The PL100 is a Modbus gateway and the client must be configured to use
Port 502. This is a reserved port number for Modbus TCP applications
and informs the PL100 that it must implement the protocol conversion
from Modbus TCP
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