The Modbus/TCP SERIAL Converter enables serial devices communicating
The Modbus/TCP Converter performs two functions. The first being a
modbus converter from Ethernet to RS485/232, and the second being a Web
Server for configuration and diagnostic purposes.
The converter communicates using the standard Modbus/TCP protocol. This
protocol is supported by many of the SCADA packages which are on the
market. The result is a very simple and efficient way of connecting MOD-MUX
devices to a PC or PLC on an Ethernet network. The converter supports 4
TCP sockets. This means that up to 4 devices can communicate with the
MOD-MUX modules via the converter at any one time. An added advantage of
using the converter, is that the Modbus RS485 network can be split into a
number of smaller networks, each with a separate converter. This increases
throughput dramatically as the single Ethernet network has a much higher
bandwidth than the individual RS485 networks and overall data polling times
are reduced accordingly.

Each Modbus/TCP Converter has a unique Ethernet IP address which must
be programmed into the PC or PLC. The IP address in the converter is
configured via the Web Server. Any standard Web browser such as Internet
Explorer can be used to access the web pages were configuration is carried
out. The converters are factory programmed with a default IP address
of This address must be changed before the converter is
added to an existing network

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