The MMPSU150 is a dual isolated unregulated 12VDC
power supply designed such that one power supply
output is connected to the logic supply input on a MODMUX
I/O module whilst the second supply output is
connected to the field supply input on the MOD-MUX
I/O module. This is done to ensure isolation between
the field and logic on all modules.

The MMPSU151 is a single unregulated 24VDC power
supply and is used to power field wiring such as dry
contacts for inputs or the output of the MM8AO current
output module.


Power Supply: 200 - 260VAC @ 3VA 50/60 Hz
Outputs: MMPSU150 - 2 X Isolated 12 Vdc UNREG @ 300mA each
MMPSU151 - 1 X 24 Vdc UNREG @ 300mA
Connector: 11 Pin Connector on rear of unit
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