used to convert 2 or 4 wire RS485 (RS422) twisted pair
configurable via DIP switches for baud rate, parity, data
bits, stop bits and full or half duplex modes. The repeater
can be used to extend a RS485 network up to a further
1000 metres. The isolation also prevents ground loops
between different parts of the network.

Standard features of the repeater are: • 2 (RS485) or 4
(RS422) Wire Operation.

External wire links are required to select 2 wire (RS485)
• Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits, Parity and Half or Full
Duplex Mode.

Each port is configurable via an 8way dipswitch.
• Signal Isolation.

The converter module isolates the RS485/RS422 and
RS485/RS422 signals to prevent
ground loops between remote devices.

• DIN Rail Mount.
The converter module plugs directly on to a DIN rail.
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